Malicious sites exploit 11-year vulnerability in Firefox


Attackers use the old Firefox bug to keep users on malicious sites The most surprising thing in this situation is a bug for 11 years, Mozilla has not been able to eliminate this gap since April 2007, when the first message about a vulnerability in a popular browser appeared More..

Botnet of 20,000 WordPress Sites brute force other WordPress sites


Cybersecurity experts from the Wordfence team found a botnet with 20,000 WordPress sites involved in the compromise of other installations of this engineThe botnet's goal is to get as many resources as possible that work with the popular CMS More..

Meet SplitSpectre - a new variant of the attack on processors


Northeastern University specialists together with IBM Research experts unveiled a new variation of Specter's vulnerability in processors This flaw can be exploited by running the code in the context of the browser More..

Predatory grin of "Black Friday"


Fakes, scams, theft of money from cards and other dangers that await buyers on the Internet