The new extortion software KeyPass


The network has fixed a new malicious campaign to distribute one of the variants of extortion software STOP under the name KeyPass This is reported by Bleeping Computer More..

Hackers steal data through D-Link routers


Hackers attack the D-Link DSL routers in Brazil, changing the DNS settings so that the devices connect to their DNS-controlled server When you try to access your bank's website, the user is redirected to a phishing page, with the help of which the attackers steal his personal data More..

Ramnit returned with the new botnet Black


Researchers at Checkpoint discovered a large botnet called Black, created by operators of the banking trojan RamnitFor the first time about Ramnit it became known in 2010 More..

BUHTRAP again spreads through news


Kaspersky Lab's experts found a malicious code on the portal of one of the well-known Russian media, resulting in infection with the banking Trojan BuhtrapThe first wave of attacks researchers recorded at the end of March 2018 More..

Because of the vulnerability in the composition of Symfony in danger were sites on Drupal


As you know, the eighth version of one of the most popular CMS in the world, Drupal, is written using Symfony2 Symfony is a free framework written in PHP that uses the Model-View-Controller pattern More..