ITU published a guide to national cybersecurity


The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has published the "National Cybersecurity Strategy Guide", designed to assist states in the creation and implementation of national cybersecurity strategies, including mechanisms for preparedness and countering cyberattacksWith the help of the document, policymakers will be able to develop strategies that take into account the specific situation in the country, cultural and social values, and encourage the establishment of a secure, sustainable society with a developed ICT infrastructure, according to a press release from the ITU More..

Criminals create botnets with legitimate tools for remote access


Attackers use official tools for testing in order to create and support the work of botnets In particular, we are talking about the tool for remote access Remcos (Remote Control and Surveillance), utility for encryption Octopus Protector and other software production company Breaking Security, say the team of Cisco Talos More..

Web applications and servers that work with JavaScript are vulnerable to ReDoS attacks


Researchers warn that web applications and servers running with JavaScript are still vulnerable to ReDoS attacks Such attacks work at the expense of denial of service when parsing text by a vulnerable regular expression More..

Botnet Necurs attacks banks, spreading a small island FlawedAmmyy


IS-specialists from Cofense have warned that the new botnet Necurs spam campaign is directed against banks and distributes FlavedAmmyy malwareNecurs is one of the largest spammer botnets in the world, active at least since 2012 More..

The new extortion software KeyPass


The network has fixed a new malicious campaign to distribute one of the variants of extortion software STOP under the name KeyPass This is reported by Bleeping Computer More..