Attention! Phishing email!

Сomputer Emergency Response Team KZ-CERT RSE "State Technical Service" of the Committee of National Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan warns about another mass mailing of cybercriminals from fake pages in the social network Instagtam.

The dispatch is carried out from @qazkom_offical and @qazkom_promo logins, as well as sending messages to Facebook messenger, in which the attackers on behalf of the bank reported the launch of a new version of, with a link to the false page. When going to the page, the client is asked to enter the details of the payment cards, including the CVV code.

Currently, access to this phishing Internet resource is blocked.

In this regard, we remind once again about the need to comply with the basic rules of information security, not to visit, not to go to suspicious pages.

If any change in the logic of the operations is detected (for example, the appearance of additional fields that did not exist before), contact the call centers of banks.

We remind you:

Representatives of the bank will NEVER ask you to provide details of accounts and bank cards, PIN codes, CVV codes and other confidential information;

Banks communicate with customers only through official communication channels indicated on official Internet resources;

Remember: the bank will never contact you first to receive your data, especially with the help of correspondence. The Customer always acts as the initiator of communication.

Under no circumstances should you send your personal data to anyone, including copies of identification documents, payment card details (16-digit number, holder name, validity period, CVV / CVC code), SMS codes for authorization.

Be very vigilant! Scammers do not slumber.

We recommend connecting SMS alerts to your accounts and cards and, in case of suspicious transactions, quickly block accounts and cards through the call center of the bank.

Do not forget to share this post with your friends, because warned - then armed!

If information on similar information security incidents is found, please send information to the email address or in the social networks of the KZ-CERT Computer Incident Response Service and also call the "hotline" telephone number 1400 (free of charge) .