Cisco warned CII about the danger of using Smart Install

The Cisco team has published a report according to which hundreds of thousands of devices on the Web are vulnerable due to Smart Install technology. IT giant warned critical infrastructure sites about the risks of using vulnerable devices. Smart Install is a technology that allows you to automate the process of initial configuration configuration and loading the current operating system image for a new network switch.

The researchers also reported that the attackers used an open source tool to scan for vulnerable systems. This tool is called the Smart Install Exploitation Tool (SIET).

Among the vulnerable devices are the following:

Catalyst 4500 Supervisor Engines Catalyst

3850 Series Catalyst

3750 Series Catalyst

3650 Series Catalyst

3560 Series Catalyst

2960 Series Catalyst

2975 Series

IE 2000

IE 3000

IE 3010

IE 4000

IE 4010

IE 5000





It is noteworthy that the company released patches for the breach in March, but not all installed them.

To protect against these attacks, the most obvious is to disable Smart Install, the corresponding instruction was published by the Cisco team. Even more obvious is to install all the necessary updates.