New phishing campaign uses Twitter accounts

Experts warn of a new wave of phishing, using hacked Twitter accounts to send private messages. In the body of these messages contains a link leading to a fake page for entering Twitter, the page itself can not be distinguished from the original. A screenshot of a private message containing a malicious link can be viewed below.

If you enter your credentials in these fields, they will fall into the hands of intruders who will gain complete control over your account.

To protect themselves from such a cyber threat, experts recommend the following rules:

Do not go on questionable links in private messages;

Always pay attention to the address of the web page that asks you to enter your details;

In the case of this malicious campaign, a phishing page can hardly be distinguished from a legitimate original, but there are some subtle nuances that will help you calculate a fake.

Look attentively at the address, you should notice that instead of "Twitter" there is indicated "iwltter". This is an old device that cybercriminals use successfully, counting on users' inattention.

Also experts urge to be especially careful when using mobile devices (tablets, smartphones), since the address of the counterfeit page may be illegible. It is also worth paying attention to the sender of a suspicious personal message, if you are not familiar with this person, you can safely ignore the message.