8 new Specter vulnerabilities found in Intel processors

Security researchers claim that Intel has detected eight new gaps of a fairly serious level. Several experts have already reported their findings to the manufacturer.

At the moment, the details of these holes in security are not disclosed, so as not to provoke a wave of attacks. But it is already known that all these gaps represent the Specter of a new generation (Spectre-NG, Specter Next Generation).

Currently, experts hope that no one will publish the technical details of the vulnerabilities before the manufacturer releases the patch.

Each of the eight vulnerabilities has its own CVE (Common Vulnerability Enumerator), respectively, each patch requires its own patch. It is assumed that each defect will also receive its own name.

Intel is already working on eliminating these problems, simultaneously cooperating with the developers of the operating system. According to information sources, the corporation plans to release updates in two stages: the first batch is planned for May, the second - for August.

Recall that the team Google Project Zero closely monitors the speed of release of security updates, if the company does not offer anything within 90 days, the details of the gaps can be disclosed.

Also, experts note some signs that Microsoft is also preparing to release these security updates.

Last week, Microsoft released a new set of updates, designed to eliminate the vulnerability Specter v2. Specter v2 received the identifier CVE-2017-5715, is an injection vulnerability, the difference between this gap from the original Meltdown and Specter is that the Specter v2 requires patching the microcode to completely eliminate the problem.

Source: anti-malware.ru