The second conference of "KazHackStan" was held in Almaty

Practical conference "KazHackStan" dedicated to topical issues in the field of Information Security was held October 5, 2018 in Almaty. The conference was organized by the Center of analysis and investigation of Cyber-attacks supported by State Technical Service.

The event gathered more than 1000 people from various regions of Kazakhstan and abroad who are experts of information security, IT developers, representatives of governmental states, mass media, businessmen and vendors.

The program of conference included:

  • reports, real cases from leading Kazakhstani and foreign Information Security experts;
  • cyberpoligon for developing practical skills;
  • lockpick Stand- stand about methods of opening and protection of mechanical locks;
  • «retroGames» zone with the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of 8-bit games.

During the event, specialists of the Republican State Enterprise “State Technical Service” made reports on the topics “Imaginary and real threats”, “Viruses in Kazakhstan. Overview on real cases”.

The conference gave the opportunities to the specialists of KZ-CERT to participate in the hacking of Cyberpoligon and visit the Retrogames, Social Engineering and Lockpick zones. The format of the conference is focused on practical reports of leading domestic and foreign experts in the field of information security, as well as working with stands in various areas with the possibility of studying, as close as possible to the real models of infrastructure and the implementation of attacks on them. The program of the event also covered topical issues of information security and the protection of information and communication infrastructure, there were held discussions regarding issues of public policy and regulatory aspects.