Windows 10 Fall updates remove some users’ documents

The latest Windows 10 updates, which became available on October 3, 2018 (number 1809), turned out to be dangerous: it may happen that in some cases it deletes files from folders with documents and pictures. Users write about the issue on social networks and complain about Microsoft technical support. Windows fall update issue was clearly not a technical one. For example, it was suggested to fix a bug with inaccurate display of data on CPU usage in the task manager, but it remained with us.

Also, Microsoft engineers blocked the Windows 10 update on some systems due to compatibility issues with Intel Display Audio drivers. The problem affects systems with intcdaud.sys versions from to

On computers with this driver, Windows will not be updated automatically, and the user will see a warning.

In such a case, Microsoft recommends to stop updating and use the current version of the operating system until the driver problem is resolved.

Intel strongly recommends that users with Skylake sixth-generation and newer processors to postpone the installation of the latest Windows updates.

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