How to protect yourself against hackers?

Computer Incident Response Service KZ-CERT informs that in the first half of 2018 alone, according to United Internet access gateway, about 900 million events in the field of information security were recorded. Many incidents of hacking accounts and stealing personal data are recorded daily. But how to protect yourself and prevent intruders from hacking you?

Typically, the most vulnerable accounts have short passwords with simple combinations of letters or numbers.

They should be as long as possible, containing a complex combination of different random characters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters.The technology that allows you to check all possible combinations of passwords and hack an account is called brute force.

Do not set passwords that consist of personal data like, date of birth, name, phone number, etc.Special programs can check about 350 billion options per minute. Also Service KZ-CERT recommends using one unique password for one account.If you use one password on all accounts, then attackers can easily hack them all. Therefore, it is important that you use one password to log in into one account.

To summarize: you need to set sufficiently long and complex passwords with a complex combination and use one unique password for one account. Only in this way you will be able to most effectively protect your accounts from hacking.