Homebank.kz has a cheater clone

The Computer emergency response team «KZ-CERT» revealed a phishing web resource that simulates the official web site of JSC Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan.

KZ-CERT has received an appeal about a suspicious internet resource that duplicates the homebank.kz official internet resource, disguised as the domain name homeYbaank.com.

Specialists carried out a detailed analysis of this internet resource, the result of which revealed the presence of phishing forms.

This resource exactly copied homebank.kz, where for authorization cardholders had to enter: trusted phone number | Homebank ID | login and password of my Halyk.

When authorizing through a mobile number the users, unaware of that, was sent to the loading.php page, after which accounting to the malefactors’ idea he had to enter the sms code received on the mobile number.

This internet resource classified by «KZ-CERT» as a «fraudulent internet resource / Phishing on the Internet».

Taking into account the above, we urge all Kazakhstan people to pay attention to a domain name (entered in the search bar), and in the event of the discovery of this kind of suspicious internet resource, please inform our specialists at a toll free number 1400 (round-the-clock) or send a request at http: http: //www.kz-cert.kz/ru/form, also send an email to: incident@kz-sert.kz.